nourishing your creative genius

rekindle your relationship with your creativity.

-an interactive, playful, and artistic 6 week series of calls, activities, and art prompts to inspire your creative recovery. 

 If you find yourself saying: 

“I want to create, I just don’t know where to start!”

“I'm not good at being creative”

“I don’t have time to do anything creative”


 this course was made for you. 

In this course, we play around with different creative outlets such as: poetry, photography, improv, film, movement, and cooking for example.


We also explore different approaches to creation such as: sensory deprivation art, emotional creation, sourcing inspiration, and childhood creativity retrieval

Round 1 of this course has already kicked off. For info on round 2 email


Week 1: Creative Revival;

Directing the flow & working with resources 


Week 2: Inspiration Station;

Banishing boredom & finding new inspiration


Week 3: Enchanting Your Emotions; Acknowledging your emotions and alchemizing them into art


Week 4: Childhood Recovery;

Retrieving & nurturing childhood creativity 


Week 5: Mental Magic;

Stimulation of the imagination

Week 6: Electrical Integration;

Merging your most creative self with your human self... For good.

Each week is based around a specific creative theme. These classes are designed to encourage and nurture your relationship with your creative self. We will get into the depths of the darkness when it comes to creating; fears, limiting beliefs, addictions... as well as the heights of light in creation: feeling inspired, jumping to action, and creating something juicy.

Each class will also cover:

Inspiration Reset: a series of questions that get your creative juices flowing. This allows new perspectives to be seen, fresh inspiration to come in, and creative healing to be done.

Stretch Your Genius: a mini project with the intention of challenging you to be creative on the spot. Everyone will create during class and share with the group.

Creative Focus of the week: A weekly art project with the intention of enhancing your creativity through the week. Let’s add a little more creativity into our everyday lives to naturally bring in more magic and abundance!

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