We all have a unique, healing, magickal essence that we can bring through our human experience to amplify the goodness of our lives.

Sparkles and sunshine to you, radiant soul!

I'm Katie, a galactic water faerie, and I help other elemental beings remember their magick, find their elemental allies, and blast off on their soul-mission on Earth!

What is an elemental???

Make Magick With Me:

What is an elemental?

An elemental is a high frequency being that works with the elements & their archetypes to create a better existence for all. You probably know these beings as: faeries, gnomes, elves, trolls, mermaids, sylphs, dragons, wizards, etc.

ALL of us have aspects of these different archetypes that we can embody and play with! Most of us shape-shift into the form we need the most at the given time, but all of us have a true, pure, elemental essence that when worked with and tapped into, makes human life a whole lot more fun and mesmerizing.

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